MEMBER'S VEHICLE SHOWCASE
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Ray Roger's Mitsubishi i-MiEV.
   Not a common sight in Tucson (the nearest
   dealer being located in Phoenix,) the diminutive
   2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV shown here was leased
   for several years by former TEVA secretary
   Ray Rogers and his wife, Carole. Ray notes
   that the i-MiEV (ie: "Innovative Mitsubishi
   Electric Vehicle") is perfect basic transportation,
   getting charged from the grid-tied solar PV
   panels mounted on the roof of his north side
   Tucson home.

Clarence's Ghia at Biosphere 2.
   Clarence Roman's beautiful conversion of a
   1972 Volkswagen Kharmann Ghia turns eyes
   wherever it goes (including Biosphere 2)
   and, indeed, it has won more than it's fair
   share of awards at local car shows. The motor
   installation, in particular, is an object lesson on
   "how it should be done." This current one gets
   its power from industrial grade lead acid gel
   cells. Clarence has since built a VW-style sand
   rail with power coming from lithium cells.

Jerry Asher's Spirit Of AZ.
   The Nissan Leaf is the most produced EV
   in history, with more than 100,000 now
   having been manufactured worldwide as of
   early 2014. The one belonging to Jerry Asher,
   though, stands out from the pack. The unique
   graphics celebrate the fact that Jerry has driven
   this one - the Spirit of AZ - to every county
   seat in Arizona, which is a journey that he
   reproduces every winter.

Steve Connely's Chevy S-10 conversion.
   Before manufactured EVs were generally
   available, the venerable Chevrolet S-10 pickup
   truck was among the most common of gasoline
   vehicles to be converted to electric power.
   There's lot's of room between those frame
   ladders to place batteries and Steve Conely
   has gone the extra step on his splendid example
   to show off the lithium pack by means of a tilt
   bed lift. Steve has also recently converted a mid
   1980s Pontiac Firebird to battery power.

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