Please check ahead of time for last minute updates, resheduling or changes in location!

            DATE                              TIME                      PLACE               TOPICS

     Saturday, Feb. 18                   9:00AM to 11:00AM                 UAMC                      General

     Saturday, Mar. 18                  9:00AM to 11:00AM                 UAMC                      General

     Saturday, Apr. 15                  9:00AM to 11:00AM                 UAMC                      General

     Saturday, May 20                  9:00AM to 11:00AM                 UAMC                      General

                                  GENERAL TEVA MEETING INFORMATION

   The Tucson Electric Vehicle Association meets the morning of the third Saturday of each month.
   Unless otherwise noted, the regular meeting time is 9:00AM to 11:00AM. Anyone with an
   interest in electric vehicles is welcome to attend and converse at meetings, although you need
   to be a paying TEVA member to participate in votes. Meetings typically encompass a short
   introduction of attending members and guests, a rundown of current electric vehicle news and
   topics pertaining  to clubs activities. We also occasionally host guests speakers, including
   government and industry representatives, who provide Q & A sessions regarding timely local
   and regional EV-related topics. Following the meeting, we often retreat to the meeting place
   parking area, to see who is driving what.


   TEVA typically conducts its third-Saturday-of-the-month meetings at the University of Arizona
   Medical Center  - UAMC - 1501 N. Campbell Avenue on the west side of the street just north
   of Speedway Blvd. This Google map should pinpoint UAMC for you.

   Take the main UAMC entrance at East Adams Street off Campbell, then immediately turn left
   (south,) proceed up the parking garage ramp and park on or near the top. Parking is free on

   Walk into the main Medical Center entrance from the top level of the garage and head straight
   back (due west) past the elevators to the cafeteria. You'll only have to travel a couple hundred
   feet from the front desk. Along the south wall of the cafeteria is several meeting rooms. If it's
   noted on our meeting schedule that UAMC is the location, we will be in one of these rooms
   (and meeting room "E" on the south edge of the cafeteria is the one, more often than not.)

                                                       UAMC AMMENTIES
   The UAMC cafeteria serves breakfast and you are welcome to bring food/beverage into any of
   the meeting rooms. UAMC is also WiFi equipped. You're welcome to bring your laptop or tablet.

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