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  National organizers and advocates . . .

  The Electric Auto Association (EAA) is the parent organization to TEVA and hundreds of
  other chapters across the United States. Founded in 1967, the EAA acts as a public source of
  information to communicate developments in electric vehicle technology, to encourage
  experimentation in the building of electric vehicles, to organize public exhibits and events
  of electric vehicles, and to educate the public on the progress and benefits of electric vehicle

  A former EAA chapter, Plug In America is now a separate California-based non-profit
  organization that advocates for energy independence and clean air. Their roots date back to
  the early 2000s, when founding members went to extraordinary means to save then-current
  manufactured EVs from being crushed by the companies that made them. These efforts were
  famously documented in the 2006 film Who Killed The Electric Car?
  National Drive Electric Week, formerly National Plug In Day, is an annual event occurring each
  September that finds hundreds of cities across the United States and those in a growing number
  of foreign counties simultaneously presenting EV displays, parades, "ride 'n drives" and other
  free events designed to bring electric automobiles into the conscious of the general public.
  The EAA, Plug In America and the Sierra Club provide national coordination and guidance.
  But volunteers in each individual hosting city design activities to fit their specific locales.
  Tucson has been involved since the first one in 2011 and we referred to it locally for the first
  four years as Tucson Plugs In.

  Of local and regional interest . . .

  The Pima Association of Governments (PAG) manages the Tucson Clean Cities coalition:
  a voluntary program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that promotes the use of
  alternatives to petroleum and diesel fuels, which includes the use of EVs. To this end,
  Tucson Clean Cities has worked diligently with DOE's EV Project, which has witnessed the
  installation of a public charging infrastructure across the greater metro Tucson area.

  GoE3 is a Scottsdale-based business, founded by Bruce Brimacombe, that has the stated goal
  of installing a coast-to-coast EV charging infrastructure. This will be a combination of Level 2
  (240V AC) and Level 3 (480V DC) Quick Charge stations. All of GoE3's Level 3 chargers
  feature both the Japanese and American/Euro SAE-CCS plugs.

  In the retail commercial realm, Bob Oldfather has been a tireless supporter of EVs for many
  years. All of his Bookman's Entertainment Exchange stores features Level 2 (240V AC)
  charging that is free to use, 24/7. The Bookman's Sports Exchange at 3330 E. Speedway -
  home of the annual Tucson Plugs In celebration beginning in 2013 - also features one of
  GoE3's Level 3 Quick Charge units, which is the first such installation in Tucson.

  Former TEVA president, Rush Dougherty, owns Tucson EV, which manufactures and sells a
  variety of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) for home and consumer use, including
  J1772 plugs, related cabling and hardware.

  Sources of EV news and information . . .

  Although not strictly limited to electric vehicle propulsion, Mike Millikin's Green Car Congress
  is one of the largest and most authoritative news sources for alternative fuel vehicle technology.
  Topics pertaining to Electric Vehicles and Batteries & Energy Storage are sorted accordingly.
  Unlike many of the other "me too" sites, Green Car Congress articles are copiously footnoted
  and typically lead the reader to the original academic papers or technical documents.

  Charged EV is another excellent source for EV news. They also produce a very nice printed
  publication that reproduced much of what can be found on their site. Also a cut above
  mainstream media sources when it comes to reliable EV information are specialty sites like
  Inside EVs, Plug In Cars, Gas2, Green Car Reports, and Torque News.

  The Electric-Car-Insider is a comprehensive annually-updated printed directory of EVs
  that is published in San Diego, California. Complete specifications and prices for each
  production EV is displayed for easy comparison. TEVA typically has copies of the latest
  for sale at our public event for $5.95, or you can contact the publishers directly.

  One of the more unique approaches to electric car information we've come across is EVTV,
  or Electric Vehicle Television. Industry news is mixed together with a series of "how to"
  videos tailored to the home EV converter in long format (an hour or longer each) and
  produced in the manner of a TV talk show. It's homespun yet very professional all at once.
  Set up your wide screen living room television for internet streaming to get the best effect.

  No attempt will be made here to link to every information source, manufacturer or vendor of
  home conversion EV parts, equipment and batteries. One good place to start, though, is on
  the old TEVA2 web site, which still seems to have it's Links page regularly updated.

  EVs For Sale . . . 

  If you're interested in buying or selling an EV, Craigslist Tucson provides free listings.
  The above hyperlink is set to filter EVs exclusively and the user can set additional search
  parameters (privately owned or dealer vehicles only, etc.) if desired. Nationally, eBay Motors
  will let you know what's on the market. The above hyperlink is set for their EV listings and
  the user can filter parameters of distance from any given city or zip code to localize the search,
  or to a specific make/model. Finally, the EV Tradin' Post is another site that is among the
  largest specifically catering to this service.

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