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  The executive committee for the Tucson Electric Vehicle Association is as follows . . .

  David Gebert / President

  Paul Pederson / Vice President

  Benjamin Nead / Secretary & Membership

  Jerry Asher / Community Outreach

  Sheli Weis / Board Advisor

                                               BECOME A TEVA MEMBER

   Please consider joining the Tucson Electric Vehicle Association as a contributing member.
   It's funds from membership dues that allow us to host special events, conduct workshops
   and maintain a public presence in the community, with one of the latter being this web site.

   There are two ways to join . . .

   1) Local TEVA Membership: this is $20 annually (from the month you join to the same
   month one year later) and allows you to vote on issues brought up at our meetings, receive
   a discount on "how to" seminars that we host from time to time and to receive occasional 
   EV-related free stuff that comes our way.

   Or . . .

   2) EAA Affiliated TEVA Membership: this is $10 annually (again, on an fiscal
   calendar from the month you join ) to join tat this level, with all the same benefits
   noted above for Local TEVA membership also appyling. What's different is that
   you also become a member of the Electric Auto Association.

   After the linked page opens up, look for the "Member Signup" link on the menu bar
   to access the online form. Or, click the "membership" link just below it to communicate
   with EAA via email
   There are several EAA membership levels available, with discount rates for students and
   senior citizens, etc. Most adults in their workforce years, though, pay either $35 or $45
   annually. What you get at those levels is EAA's excellent publication, Current EVents.

   The $35 rate allows you to download copies of the publication electronically, with the
   $45 rate allowing you to receive printed paper copies mailed to your door.

   Whatever your choice, click this PDF download link for the TEVA membership application,
   print the page (standard 8.5" X 11" letter sized paper) and fill it out. Bring it to our next
   meeting or special event with a ten or twenty dollar bill. Or, mail it with payment to the
   address found on the form.

   One of these days we're going to get fancy and install a PayPal interface on this page for
   that purpose. But, in the mean time, we hope our printable PDF member application form
   will do the trick for you.

   And . . . thanks in advance for supporting TEVA as a financially contributing member!

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